Descendants of HENRY YEARY SR

Generation No. 1

1. HENRY YEARY was born 1725 in Maryland, and died 1799 in Lee, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH CROXSTALL 1750 in Fairfax, Virginia. She was born 1729 in Maryland, and died 1805 in Lee, Virginia.


1. i. MARY POLLY" YEARY b. 1763, Maryland; d. Lee, Virginia.
2. ii. HENRY YEARY b. 1765, Fairfax, Virginia; d. 07 Nov 1840, Lee, Virginia.
3. iii. WILLIAM YEARY, b. 04 Jan 1770, Fairfax, Virginia; d. Aug 1842.
4. iv. ELIZABETH YEARY b. 1771, Lee, Virginia; d. 28 Dec 1845, Lee, Virginia.
5. v. JEMIMA YEARY b. 1776, Lee, Virginia; d. 1801, Lee, Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2. HENRY YEARY (HENRY JR) was born 1765 in Fairfax, Virginia, and died 07 Nov 1840 in Lee, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH MARTHA BALL 1785 in Lee, Virginia. She was born 1770 in Fairfax, Virginia, and died 1836 in Hancock, Tennessee.((Source Early Settlers Lee County Va. (VOL ll P.533))


i. MARY YEARY b. 1786.
ii. WILLIAM YEARY b. 1788.
iii. ADAM YEARY B. 1790. D:1840/1850 Hancock and Claiborne County Yearys
Married: Henretta (Retta) Morgan
iv. HENRY YEARY b. 1794.
v. MARTHA YEARY b. 22 Mar 1796.
vi. KESSIAH YEARY b. 1798. Lee County Va. D:?? Married: John McNeil
vii. BENEDICT M. YEARY b. 1808 Lee County Va.D:1891 ((Source Early Settlers Lee County Va. (VOL ll P.532)) Married: Jane Moore.
viii. KATHERINE YEARY b. 1803.Lee County Va. Married:John Brown.
ix. JOHN DEVER YEARY b. 10 Aug 1805. D:17 July 1863. Lee County Yearys
Married: Nancy Susong B: 1806 (Greenville Tn.) D: 20 May 1898. ((Source Early Settlers Lee County Va. (VOL ll P.532))
x. DAVID YEARY B:?? Lee County Va. D:1807 (Killed By Lightening)((Source Early Settlers Lee County Va. (VOL ll P.532))

Generation No. 3

ADAM YEARY / Henretta Morgan
Tennessee Branch

Martha Jean Yeary B: 1820 (Lee County Va. )D:1875. Married: James Snavley 10 July 1845.
James Whitten Yeary B:1821 Lee County Va. D:1885: Married:Susan Sutton 1842. B:
Nancy Yeary B:1822 Claiborne County Tn. D: ? Married: Jessee Wells 1844.
Tilmon Yeary B:1823 Claiborne County Tn. D: Young.
Mary Yeary (Polly) B:1825 Claiborne County Tn. D:1846 Married: David Winnegar
Hulda Yeary b:1827 Claiborne County Tn. D: ? Married: Robert Woodard 1847.
Adam C. Yeary B:1828 Hancock County. D: ? Married: Melinda Estep 1851.
William Yeary B: 1831 Hancock County. D: ?. Married Linda Mark 1851
Matilda Yeary B:1833 Hancock County. D:1870 Married: Jacob Snavley 1853.
Emily Ann Yeary B:1835 Hancock County. D:? Married: Amos Stewart Snavley 1855
Elizabeth Yeary B:1835 Hancock County. D:? Married: Adam Snavley 1858

Virginia branch

Matilda Yeary B:1831 in VA. D: Married Andy Brim B:
Henry Nichols Yeary B:26 JAN. 1832 In Va. Married: Rachel Jane Daniels B:17 Feb. in KY.
Jacob Morgan Yeary B:5 Apr.1825 in Va. Married: Serelda Chadwell B:1 Feb. 1839 in Tn.
Nathan Morgan Yeary B:1 Feb. 1837 in Va. (Twin) Married: Louise
Nancy Rebecca Yeary B: 1 Feb. 1837 in Va. (Twin) Married: Luthrt Rice Rowlette B: 22 Oct. 1832.
Benedict Yeary B:13 June 1840 in VA. Married:Adeline Hatfield B: 13 May 1850.
Barbara Yeary B:1841 In Va. Married:Sterling Campbell
John Yeary B: 1842 In Va. Married: Martha Early
Nancy Melsena Yeary B: 1846 Married: Martin Early
Mary Jane Yeary B:1848
Uriah G. Yeary B: 21 June 1851 Married: Caroline Smith B: 25 Feb. 1852

Generation No. 4

James Whitten Yeary /Susan Sutton
Tennessee Branch

Henry Carl Yeary B:9 Mar. 1850 D:6 May 1922.(Source Early Settlers Lee County Va. P.533) Married: Sarah Minter B: 30Sep.1856 D:6Mar.1913(Source Early Settlers Lee County Va. P.533)
Jasper Yeary B: 20 Dec.1844 D:16 June1885. Married: Margaret Clarkson
Taylor Yeary B:12 Dec.1851 D:24 Feb. 1904. Married Catherene Busic
William Ewing Yeary B:6 June 1852 D:1 Nov. 1936. Married Martha Baker
John Morgan Yeary B:25 Sep. 1858 D:9 June 1923. Married:Elizabeth Noe
Matilda Martha Yeary B:4Aug. 1865 D:26 Sep. 1942. Married: charles Ball
Adam Yeary B:1859 Claiborne County Tn.

Henry Nichols YEARY / Rachel Daniels
Virginia branch

Virginia Ann Yeary b:1856 Married: James Schlinger
Sarah Nancy Yeary B:1857 Married: Perry Williams.
Joseph Susong Yeary Rev. B:30 Nov. 1858 In Va. Married: Lavenna A. Dean B:29 July 1855.
John Haskel YearyB:10 July 1861 in Va. Married: Louisa Virginia Ely B:9 March 1871
Harriet Yeary B:1863 In Va. Married: George Roy (Mail order Husband)
Morgan Yeary B: 1865
Serelda Yeary

Generation No. 5

John Morgan Yeary / Elizabeth Noe
Tennessee Branch

Nora Yeary B:19 Mar. 1880 D:23 Oct. 1967 Married: Alvie Clarkston.
Garret W. Yeary B:6 Aug. 1882 D: 3 Mar. 1958. Married: Pearlie Brooks B:18 Nov. 1887 D:
Nannie Yeary B: 30 Mar. 1885 D:7 Dec. 1963. Married: Will Pillion
Alfred Yeary B:19 Nov. 1887 D:25 Dec. 1985. Married: Martha Brown
Millard Yeary B:29 July 1890 d: MARRIED: #1 Laura Edens #2 Rosa Rowlette.
Elliot Yeary B: D: Married: #1 Effie Surber #2 Lula Fletcher.
Ida Yeary B:1897 D: Married: Will Edens.

John Haskel YEARY / Virginia Ely
Virginia branch

Serelda Jane Yeary B:15 June 1888 Married: Benjamin Franklin Stanley
James Robert Yeary B:25 Nov. 1889 Married: Delia Ann Stanley B: 10 April 1893.
Edward Henry yeary B:20 May 1892 Married: Lula Virginia Eads.
Joseph Andrew yeary b:3 May 1900 Married: Dora Ellen Disney b:4 Sep. 1901 D: 1983.
Thomas Samuel Yeary B:5 July 1913 Married: Hazel Montgomery.

Generation No. 6

Garet W. Yeary Married:Pearlie Brooks
Tennessee Branch

Mary Ada Yeary B:12 March 1906 D:10 Sep. 1910. ( 4 Years Old)
Efferet Kermit Yeary B:1 Mar 1909 D: 9 May 1915 ( 6 years old)
Silus Yeary B:13 July 1911 D:13 July 1911.
Ida Marie Yeary B:3 Feb. 1913. D:
Clifford Andrew Yeary B: 5 Apr. 1915 D:7 Aug. 1994 Married: Ruby Rebecca Stanley B:14 Apr 1917 D:
Nora Jane Yeary B:9 June 1919 D:26 Oct. 1940. Married: Kermit Brooks
Doxie Elizabeth Yeary B:12 July 1921 D:2 Aug:1980 Married: Earl Manning
Edward Claude Yeary B:27 June 1924 D: Married: Rena Ruth Yeary
Earnest Ray Yeary B: 17 Dec. 1926 D: Married: Jenette Mills

Serelda Yeary/ Frank Stanley
Virginia branch

Salley Jane Stanley
Henry Stanley
Marshall Stanley
Ruby Rebecca Stanley B:14 April 1917 In Va. Married: Clifford a. Yeary b: 5 April 1915.

Generation No. 7

Clifford A Yeary / Ruby R. Stanley

Jewell C. Yeary Married: Joseph C. Gilpin
Frederick E. Yeary Married: Mary E. Mullins.
Agnes M. Yeary Married: Lewis Marcum.
John H. Yeary Married:#1 Vivian Cheek, #2 Mary West

Generation No. 8

Frederick E. Yeary / Mary E. Mullins

James Andrew Yeary
Andrea Monice Yeary
Melanie Elaine Yeary
Benjamin Wesley Yeary